Zent Prozent is an Indonesian based artist who specialises in street art and spray paint art. This long haired guy who is also a heavy metal lover, started his journey in the Art-world since he was a kid. Zent is self-taught and he has never studied in an art school, so it pushes him to learn everything about art by himself. He created his first mural in the year 2004. And then he joined a graffiti crew called "SKYK" in 2007. Zent started living his life as a fulltime-artist and has done commission jobs since 2009 till present.


• “ARTSYOK”, Lembaga Indonesia-Jerman (LIJ), Yogyakarta, Indonesia
• “KKB International Art Festival”, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Hulu Selangor, Malaysia
• “GET REAL”, Gardu House, Jakarta, Indonesia
• “KEEP THE FIRE ON #2”, SURVIVE!Garage, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
• “Nandur Srawung #2”, Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
• “Same Direction”, POST Gallery, Lithuania 
• “KEEP THE FIRE ON”, Survive!Garage, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Record Store Day”, Clapper, Semarang 
• “Mendadak Stiker”, Dongengkopi, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Street Art Exhibition”, Dongengkopi, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
• “Lokananta Fest”, Lokananta, Solo, Indonesia 
• “Jalur Indie Bukan Jalan Buntu”, Togamas, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• "Rupa-Rupa Seni Rupa - Nandur Srawung #1”, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta (TBY),Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Neo Iconoclasts”, Langgeng Gallery, Magelang, Indonesia 
• “Wonosobo Asribition #2”, Delicious Cafe, Wonosobo, Indonesia
• “SURVIVE!garage 4th Anniversary – Telenan Exhibition”, ASCOS, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Hang Your Cans!!”, TMT Indonesia Street Art Room , Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Brotherhood Brotherwood”, TMT Indonesia Street Art Room , Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “IMPROVISE - Life in Progress”, Galeri Biasa, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Tattoo for Charity”, Oxenfree, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “ILUSI”, The Jawa, Wonosobo, Indonesia
• “Transformasi”, TMT Indonesia Street Art Room, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “PPC #6”, Indie ArtHouse, Phoenix, Arizona
• “Yogyakarta Slowly Asia”, Roemah Pelantjong, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
• “First Step”, Kedai Belakang, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

• “MEETING OF STYLES”, Quezon City, Philippines
• “KISS ON THE WALL”, Kebun Bibi, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
• “Write Together #3”, Wonogiri, Indonesia
• “Kampung Tangguh Bencana”, Solo, Indonesia 
• “House of Vans”, Ambarukmo Plaza, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Live Performance - Pesta Kabel”, GOR Amongrogo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
• “Sengkut Gumregut”, Desa Wisata Krebet, Pajangan, Bantul, Indonesia 
• “Nyebar Katresnan”, Kampung Ledok Tukangan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Live Performance - Step By Step NgARTbuburit”, Squad Store, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
• “Enjoy Paradise”, Bandengan Beach, Jepara, Indonesia

• “Merti Kampung”, Bausasran, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Angon Bocah #2”, Tegalrejo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Geneng Street Art Festival – Gemah Ripah Lohjinawi”, Sewon, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Street Art Plesiran”, Surabaya, Indonesia 
• “Minggu Mbomber, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Local Movement”, Solo, Indonesia 
• “South And Story”, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “MBB #1”, Brebes, Central Java, Indonesia 
• “Street Art Sosrowijayan”, Sosrowijayan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
• “Geneng Street Art Project #1”, Sewon, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Live performance”, Student Castle Apartment, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• "Became a jury of a painting competition", Jogja Expo Center (JEC), Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Urip-Urupe Tiyang Code”, Ledok Tukangan Village, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Sunday Art”, Jl.HOS Cokroaminoto, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Geneng Street Art Project #2", Geneng Village, Sewon, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Live performance – KUSTOMFEST”, Jogja Expo Center (JEC), Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Live performance - STEP BY STEP”, Gejayan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “GRAFF STORY”, Graha Pilar Ballroom, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Badface Crowter 7th Anniversary”, Golo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
• “LIAC (Lendu International Art Camp)”, Malacca, Malaysia 
• “Live performance, FKY”, Tamansari, Yogyakarta Indonesia 
• “Apeman Festival #4”, Malioboro Street, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Collaboration Project beetwen Zent Prozent & Silencer8 - FACE AND LINES”, Slackers, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Climate Art Festival - Zero Plastic Campaign”, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Brotherhood-Brotherwall”, Kaliabu Bridge, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Live performance, Youth Art Festival - From Nature to Culture”, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “PHX Video Showcase I”, The Firehouse Art Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona 
• “PHX Video Showcase II”, The Hive Art Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona
• “Pasar Karat Dondang Sayang - LenJo”, Sangkring ArtSpace, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “The Bridge of War”, Kaliabu Bridge, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
• “Live performance, SAVE KPK”, Taman Pintar, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
• “Madiun Spray Attack”, Madiun, Indonesia
• “Kill Your Bad Mood #2”, Universitas Solo, Indonesia 
• “Summer Attack”, Solo, Indonesia
• “SKYK 1st Anniversary”, Badran, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

• ROADRUNNER Records - KING810 Mural Project 
• CASIO, G-Shock 30th Anniversary, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Jakarta, Indonesia 2013 
• EDU Hostel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2011-2016
• Mahera Kopi, Lombok, Indonesia 2015

• “1st Winner of Yamaha Graffiti Competition”, Mandala Krida, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2011 
• “2nd Winner of a Graffiti Competition - Global Warming”, SMA Muh 3, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2009 
• “3rd Winner of Suzuki Graffiti Competition”, Mandala Krida, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2011

• The New York Optimist Magazine 2012 
• Streamdown Magazine 2012 
• Asian Geographic Magazine 2013 
• VersPers, by Joris Zwetsloot 2013 
• MagicInk Magazine 2013 
• Interviewed by Willow Paule Photography 2014